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신신제약 회사 전경

In the 1950s, the Korean War had ended and people were busy rebuilding their disrupted lives. Many lived with muscle pain caused by physical labor and didn’t have any means of treatment. With a low per capita income, most people could not afford the exclusively sold Japanese plaster products. President Young-soo Lee believed that it was, "urgent to treat muscle pain that afflicts people as much as hunger," and introduced technology from the Japan Nichiban Incorporation in July 1969. More affordable plasters were then manufactured, allowing the general public to conveniently use the products. Since then, SINSIN PHARM has become well-known for it's plaster products, while also developing new technology and specializing exclusively in external-use medicine. SINSIN PHARM experienced steady post-war growth but was briefly impacted by the Korean financial crisis of 1999. However, with the outstanding management skills of Vice President Han-Ki Kim, the crisis was turned into an opportunity. Based on these achievements, SINSIN PHARM was listed in KOSDAQ in 2017. With the construction of the new manufacturing plant in Sejong City, Research & Development center in the Magog district, and aggressive corporate overseas expansion, we stand by our corporate philosophy of always remaining "new" and "trustworthy" in the eyes of the public.

SINSIN PHARM's famous medicinal plaster products (also known as "Pas") are well-known and widely used. SINSIN PHARM manufactures more than 100 different forms of medicine and sanitary aids. Our flagship product, SINSINPAS-RX, represents our most popular non-prescription drug. Because of it's very few side effects, it can readily be sold in convenience stores. Our products are manufactured with new materials including, NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs), plasters, and cataplasms. Easy-to-use aerosol sprays, such as SINSIN AIRPAS, AMURO-SPRAY and MUZOMU ALPA are also created by SINSIN PHARM. In addition, SINSIN PHARM manufactures various products for daily life, such as mosquito repellents, anti-perspirants, and a bruise treatment cream. SINSIN PHARM is the sole maker of SINSIN LINDANE LOTION, a scabies treatment drug available in Korea. It is our mission to manufacture trusted medicinal products that are indispensable to the general public. SINSIN PHARM has been an exporter of pharmaceutical products since 1971. We export various forms of products such as plasters, adhesive bandages, and cooling sheets to 35 countries worldwide, including the U.S. and Canada.

SINSIN PHARM has sponsored the Jangmiran Foundation, which supports athletes involved in non-popular sports, helping them to achieve their dream. Furthermore, in 2017 we sponsored the Korean Wheelchair Curling Association. Through Suwon Patriots and the Veterans Affairs Department, we continue to support veterans who have contributed to society. It is our mission to create a healthy society where people in need of help are not excluded.