CEO Message

Dear beloved customers and shareholders,

SINSIN PHARM has been specializing only on external use medicine for over half a century.
We have been manufacturing all of our products with craftsmanship, and with our proud technology, we are now challenging ourselves to become a global pharmaceutical company.

We are strengthening our Research & Development in order to broaden our market into prescription-only medicines patch market with our product strength in the Over-the-Counter medicine market. We have also challenged ourselves by listing on the KOSDAQ. Furthermore, we are building a new manufacturing plant in Sejong City and R&D center in Magok district. The new manufacturing plant and R&D center will be the basis for maximizing product productivity and developing superior quality medicine. We will continue to build our brand awareness by entering into international markets including the US.

We are fully aware of customer’s full trust in our products for over half a century. It is our mission and duty to strive for a society where the excluded people and company can coexist.

SINSIN PHARM promise to always be able to return back to our customers and shareholders with "always more reliable and innovative products."

Thank you.