Research & Development

Research & Development Introduction

With the core technology that drives the world's best transdermal drug delivery system, SINSIN PHARM strives to develop "More reliable and innovative products, always."

Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) is a technology that allows skin to easily absorb pharmaceutical substances. It's advantages include prolonged drug efficacy, minimal side effects, and convenience of use.

At the center of TDDS technology is the SINSIN PHARM Central Research Center, which holds a commitment to the development of new products. The research center is comprised of an excellent staff of research personnel involved in extensive research and development partnerships. In addition to the over-the-counter drug market, we are developing prescription drug patches for a wide range of diseases, such as dementia, insomnia, and rheumatism for the prescription drug market.

We are looking forward to a future as a global health care group through our aggressive R&D investment and the transfer of the Magok R&D center, scheduled for 2019.


Transdermal Drug Delivery System

  • 1. New type (formulation) study

    · Design of formulation : dissolution rate, percutaneous absorption rate, solubility, etc.
    · Development of transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS)
    · New and Improved Drug Research

  • 2. Study of formulation properties

    · Evaluation and optimization of physical properties of polymers
    · Evaluation of Adhesion, body temperature change, skin damage, etc

  • 3. Improvement of formulation

    · Improvement of formulation process and optimization study

  • 4. Analytical studies

    · New method of analysis study
    · CTD (Completed form) Research

Pipeline Expansion through TDDS Core Technology

Pipeline Expansion through TDDS Core Technology
Aerosol type drug solubilization technology Natural rubber based drug formulation technology Double active plaster drug formulation technology Single drug layer patch manufacturing technology
Aerosol formulation of poorly soluble active ingredient Non-organic solvent rubber-based formulation technology Drug formulation technology that shows rapidity and persistence Promotion of percutaneous absorption, drug delivery control technology
· Maintain Liquefaction after injection
· Prevent recrystallization of active ingredients
· The only GMP manufacturing facility in Korea
· Eco-friendly manufacturing process
· Exceptional dermal safety
· Application technology of various active ingredients
· Fast and long lasting pain relief
· Exceptional drug safety
· Rheumatoid arthritis treatment
· Excellent production economics
· Excellent drug reproducibility
· Antifungal / promote hair growth /wound treatment etc. · Hot & Cold dual effect
· High quality non-woven fabric
· Selected national project Patent application (2017)
· Pre-clinical work in progress
· Products plan to be launched in 2020
· The development of dementia treatment patch completed.
· Developing sleep-inducing patch
· Bio patch MOU

Central Research Institute

Central Research Institute
Date of establishment 2003
Location Korea Bio Park Building-C, 4th Floor, 700 Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (postal code: 13488)

Research Achievement

· In-house development of pyogenic skin disease treatment, 'LICEND', (75% Domestic market share)
· In-house development of corn removal plaster, 'SINSIN CORN BAND', (80% Domestic market share)
· In-house development of bruises & muscle contusions treatment, 'SINSINPAS-RX',
· In-house developed the only aerosol type anti-fungal athlete's feet treatment in Korea, “MOZUMU-ALPA”
· In-house development of dementia treatment, 'RIVASTIGMINE PATCH'
· Currently developing world's first sleep inducing patch (SS-262)
· Investigation of absorption mechanism of percutaneous absorption drug
· Co-development MOQ with many companies for cosmeceutical development


R&D Network